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Our new generation of Gravure Cylinder Engraver are easy to operate and flexible which produces high quality of print output and more productivity.

Engraved Cylinders are widely used in Gravure Printing as means of transferring ink to the substrate. These consist of electronically engraved cylinders which have designs etched on them that are to be printed on the desired surface highly precise engraved cylinders thus developed. Proper maintenance of these cylinders is essential of obtaining the desired results. We manufacture the Cylinder in various sizes as per the customer's requirements as well as for our in house consumption. We have our own team for the development of design for the customers.

Gravure cylinder engraving machines are uniquely designed. Preferably used to cover a wide range of applications in packaging, trademark and decoration etc. Our gravure cylinder engraving machine satisfied our customer needs and expectations in the field of packaging, trademark, decoration etc. across India.


Principles of Gravure printing

  • The printing motive is engraved onto the gravure cylinder.
  • The ink is pressed into the cells of the rotating gravure cylinder.
  • During inking-up the printing and none printing areas are flooded with ink. The needless ink is doctored with the blade.
  • The impression cylinder presses the printing material on the gravure cylinder.
  • The ink is transferred from the gravure cylinder onto the printing material.